Thunder Wham!

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Thunder Wham
DK after using his Thunder Wham!

Thunder Wham! is Donkey Kong's Super Ability seen in Mario Strikers Charged. When the item is used, he slams the ground, and send a large shockwave across the area. It has a huge radius, and can blast away many players, even if they are not close to Donkey Kong. It also makes the field tilt for a few seconds. A similar move is Daisy's Crystal Smash! move, except Thunder Wham! has a larger radius and takes longer to perform. Thunder Wham! was seen briefly in the intro movie, as well as in one of his losing animations where he gets angry at his teammates and stuns them with his ability.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Schiaffo di tuono
Thunder slap
Spanish ¡Relámpago!