Fire Cup

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Princess Peach wins the Fire Cup in Mario Power Tennis
Wario wins the Fire Cup in Mario Power Tennis
The Fire Cup in Mario Strikers Charged

The Fire Cup is introduced in Mario Power Tennis as the first of the two cups in the Gimmicks Masters tournaments. The Fire Cup takes place in three courts by varying orders: Luigi's Mansion Court, Gooper Blooper Court, or DK Jungle Court. Its difficulty is comparable to the Mushroom Cup. Completing this cup allows the player to proceed to the Thunder Cup.

The Fire Cup is the first Tournament in Mario Strikers Charged. It is only played in the Road to the Strikers Cup mode. It is split into two rounds, the preliminary rounds, and the final round. During the preliminary, the player must challenge three other captains and their teams, and after they win against those three, they must challenge them a second time before heading to the finals (one away, one at home for each captain). These challengers are randomly picked by the game, so the player can never tell who they will be going up against. If the player has won enough points (3 for each win, 0 for each loss, 1 for each sudden-death loss) at the end of these six matches, they have made it into the Top 2, and will face the other CPU team. If the player wins this match, they move on into the Cup Final and challenge the Current Champion in a best 2 out of 3. However, players must start over the Fire Cup if they lose. On the player's first time in the Fire Cup, the Current Champion will be Bowser Jr., but after he is beaten, it will be randomized like every other challenge. The stadium in the Championship Match will always be The Lava Pit. After beating the Champion, the player moves onto the Crystal Cup and unlocks Bowser Jr. and The Lava Pit. Additionally, earning both the Golden Foot and Brick Wall Awards unlocks The Wastelands.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Copa Fuego -
French Coupe Feu -