Chain-Chomp Challenge

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Chain-Chomp Challenge from Mario Power Tennis. Compressed.
The minigame Chain-Chomp Challenge

Chain-Chomp Challenge is Wario Factory Court's minigame in Mario Power Tennis. Four players must feed Chain Chomps with tennis balls to score points. At the beginning of the match, the players' positions are shuffled twice. Normal Chain Chomps give players one point per ball it consumes. Bob-ombs cause the Chain Chomp to be enraged, but makes the player gain two points per tennis ball. If the red Chain Chomp is hit by another Bob-omb, however, it chases the player. The player must press A Button or shake the Wii remote in the Wii version to reach the water nozzle, resembling FLUDD, to calm it with a spray of water or loses points if Chain Chomp hits the player. Water balls also appear, which calm angry red chain Chomps, but if a water ball hits a normal black Chain Chomp, it sleeps and does not eat tennis balls. A sleeping Chain Chomp can be woken with a Bob-omb. It is also possible to hit objects into other player's Chain Chomps, affecting their progress. When time runs out, the player with the most points is the winner.

Levels (single player only)[edit]

Name Difficulty Condition (Gamecube Version Only)
Peckish Chomp Easy All players start with zero points.
Hungry Chomp Normal Opponents have a ten point advantage.
Famished Chomp Hard Opponents have a thirty point advantage.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Défides Chomps
Petit creux
Grosse faim
Chomp Challenge
A little empty
Very hungry
Bulimia (referring to the eating disorder where appetite cannot be controlled).
Spanish ¡Hora de comer! Lunch Time!