Wario Factory Court

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Wario Factory Court
MPT WarioFactoryCourt.jpg
Ball Speed Fast
Bounce Strength Strongest
Appearance(s) Mario Power Tennis
New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis

Wario Factory Court is one of the default courts in Mario Power Tennis. It is somewhat based on Wario's WarioWare factory — judging by the picture of him in his WarioWare suit in the background. In normal mode, it is set on a group of conveyor belts that don't move. In the gimmick version of this court, the net has many across up and down-facing arrows. If someone hits it when hitting the ball, whichever direction is hit will be the direction the conveyor belt, on which the players stands on, moves. Bob-ombs can be seen watching the game and they will explode when someone gets a point. Wario Factory Court is also the setting for the Special Game Chain-Chomp Challenge, which also involved the conveyor belts as a gimmick. The background music for the court is of the courtyard theme from Wario World.