Garbage Can Ghost

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Garbage Can Ghost
Garbage Can Ghost from Luigi's Mansion
First appearance Luigi's Mansion (2001)
Latest appearance Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS) (2018)
Variant of Ghost

Garbage Can Ghosts are large green ghosts from Luigi's Mansion. As their name implies, they look like a trash can. They do not attack directly, but instead munch on a banana, throw the peel on the ground, and then disappear. The bananas deal five points of damage to Luigi and cause him to slip if he touches them. Garbage Can Ghosts have the highest Heart Points of regular ghosts, with 40 HP. They also will not damage Luigi if he touches them, unlike any other ghost. While they are being vacuumed, they drop banana peels on the ground behind them, which can potentially interrupt Luigi's vacuuming if he steps on them.

Garbage Can Ghosts also appear in Mario Power Tennis on Luigi's Mansion Court, along with a few other varieties of ghosts. They throw banana peels into the court, causing players to slip. A Garbage Can Ghost also makes a cameo as artwork in the Yoshi Park 2 track in Mario Kart Arcade GP 2, though the leaves atop its head are replaced with a hood-like point.


Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS)[edit]

  • In-game description: "A banana-eating ghost who hurls the leftover peels at enemies."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ナバーナ
Anagram of「バナナ」(banana) with「バ」elongated
French Fantôme Poubelle Garbage Can Ghost
German Müllkübel-Geist Garbage Can Ghost
Italian Spettro spazzatura Phantom Trash
Korean 나바나