Speedy Spirit

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Speedy Spirit
LM SpeedySpirit.png
First Appearance Luigi's Mansion (2001)
Latest Appearance Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions (2017)
Parent Species Gold Ghost
Related Species
Gold Greenie
Gold Mouse

Speedy Spirits[1] are rare ghosts found in Luigi's Mansion.

Speedy Spirits are pale blue and have a similar build to a Gold Ghost. Unlike others who attack Luigi, Speedy Spirits hide from him. If they are discovered by examining an object, they panic and try to run off. Luigi must shine his Flashlight on it and immediately suck it up before they flee. If Luigi manages to capture one of them, it yields a large amount of treasure, which always includes Coins, but sometimes includes valuable treasures, such as Stones. In the PAL Hidden Mansion, all Speedy Spirits drop Silver Diamonds, but they do not drop any Stones. There are a total of fifteen Speedy Spirits in the Mansion. Gold Mice are similar treasure-yielding Ghosts.

Speedy Spirits are only found when a room is dark. Luigi should search everything in a room carefully before turning on the lights. Also, the length of time they are stunned by the flashlight is the shortest of any ghost. If Luigi doesn't uncover a Speedy Spirit and the lights turn on in the room, they will be gone forever. Also, if Luigi uncovers a Speedy Spirit and fails to catch it, it never comes back, even after the blackout. However, Luigi has a second chance to catch any he missed during the blackout. It should also be noted that the blackout does not allow Luigi to capture ones he already failed to catch, only the ones he did not yet find. Luigi will also be unable to catch the Speedy Spirit if it is defeated via elements.

A Speedy Spirit also appears in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga in Starbeans Cafe as a representative sent by Professor E. Gadd to taste a new drink.

They are the equivalent of a Gold Greenie from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.


Area 1[edit]

Room Object Treasure
Wardrobe Room Wardrobe on the Right 20 Coins and 30 Bills
Study Chair behind the desk 20 Coins, 5 Bills and a Red Jewel
Nursery Chauncey's crib (During Blackout only) 20 Coins and 30 Bills

Area 2[edit]

Room Object Treasure
Storage Room Chair on the right 20 Coins, 10 Bills and 2 Gold Bars
Hidden Room Chest on the right (During blackout only) 20 Coin, 5 Bills and a Green Jewel
Conservatory Melody's piano bench (During blackout only) 20 Coins, 5 Bills and a Red Jewel
Dining Room China cabinet on the left 20 Coins, 5 Bills and a Green Jewel
Kitchen Dishwasher 20 Coins, 5 Bills and a Blue Jewel

Area 3[edit]

Room Object Treasure
Rec Room Fitness machine 20 Coins, 5 Bills and a Red Jewel
Nana's Room Chair on the east 20 Coins, 10 Bills and 2 Gold Bars
Billiards Room Chair at the southeast (only while Slim Bankshot is present) 20 Coins, 5 Bills and a Blue Jewel
The Twins' Room Bunk beds 20 Coins and 30 Bills

Area 4[edit]

Room Object Treasure
Breaker Room (Before blackout only.) Table 20 Coins, 5 Bills and a Blue Jewel
Cellar Crate near the entrance 20 Coins, 10 Bills and 2 Gold Bars
Sealed Room Chest near the table 20 Coins, 5 Bills and a Green Jewel


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リッチヤプー
Ricchi Yapū
Rich Yop


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