Golden Goob

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Golden Goob
Golden Goob
First appearance Luigi's Mansion 3 (2019)
Variant of Goob

Golden Goobs are ghosts found in Luigi's Mansion 3. They are rare, golden versions of Goobs, and they are the successor to Gold Greenies from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. They are occasionally found throughout The Last Resort and drop treasure if defeated. If Luigi finds one, it will panic and run around the room, trying to escape. If Luigi does not capture it in time, it will escape and cannot be captured anymore. Golden Goobs are also found in the ScareScraper in certain missions. They also have 250 health (125 HP in the ScareScraper) compared to the normal Goob's 100 health.


The following is a complete list of every Golden Goob location in Luigi's Mansion 3. Most Golden Goobs are found in hidden furniture which must be revealed with the Dark-Light Device. Golden Goobs featured in ScreamPark minigames and ScareScraper are not listed here due to having different functions. The Grand Lobby, the Unnatural History Museum, and The Dance Hall do not have Golden Goobs.


Room Description
Elevator Hall
During Luigi's second visit, as he takes the tunnel below the Elevator Hall, he must use the Dark Light-Device to reveal a missing pipe, which he must launch Toad into to reveal a Golden Goob. As such, this Golden Goob can only be found when Luigi is escorting Toad.
Luigi must take Toad with him into the Observation and launch him at the pot on the shelf high in the southwest corner. When the pot hits the ground, it breaks open to reveal a Golden Goob.
Drainage Control
There is a Golden Goob hiding in the suit of armor laying against the southwest corner.


Room Description
There is an invisible purple car in the southeast corner of the Garage. Luigi must use the Dark-Light Device and suck up the Spirit Balls to reveal it along with the Golden Goob.
After Luigi returns from his second visit to the Boilerworks, he may find a trail of donuts leading to a box of donuts in the northwest corner of the Garage, which in turn leads to a Golden Goob.


Room Description
Dressing Room
There is an invisible chair laying between the door and the table, as seen through the mirror. Luigi must use the Dark-Light Device and suck up the Spirit Balls to reveal it along with the Golden Goob. Revealing this chair also counts toward an achievement; revealing all of the hidden objects in the Dressing Room.

Hotel Shops[edit]

Room Description
Elevator Hall
Luigi must use the Dark-Light Device to reveal an invisible telephone on the bench outside of the Restroom. He must then pick up the phone, receiving silence, and put it down to reveal a Golden Goob.
Barber Shop
Before the Barber Shop is even entered, golden glows can be seen in the chairs, with the scissors dropping once the shop is entered. Gooigi must spin both chairs to reveal a pair of Golden Goobs. If these Golden Goobs are not found before this floor is cleared, they will not appear again.
Coffee Shop
Gooigi must enter the shop via the Gift Shop and open the refrigerator to reveal the Golden Goob.

The Great Stage[edit]

Room Description
Dressing Room
Luigi must simply kick open the suitcase in the southwest corner of the room to reveal the Golden Goob.

RIP Suites[edit]

Room Description
Laundry Room
There is a golden glow in the middle washing machine. Luigi must use a Suction Shot to pull off the lid, pulling out the Golden Goob.

Castle MacFrights[edit]

Room Description
Front Gate
Luigi must vacuum up the helmet sitting on the fireplace and launch it at the suit of armor on the right of the elevator to reveal a Golden Goob.
In the Cellar, Luigi must use a Suction Shot to open the large barrel on the left, walk in, and head left to find a hidden room connected to the Stairway. Here, there is a chest containing coins along with a Golden Goob.

Garden Suites[edit]

Room Description
Mushroom Suite
Luigi must use the Poltergust G-00 to swing the hammock at the top of the room, revealing the Golden Goob.

Paranormal Productions[edit]

Room Description
Editing Room
Before Morty enters the Editing Room, Luigi may spin the disks on the machine to make what appears to be the very small image of a ghost run toward the screen. After a moment, it is revealed to be a Golden Goob.
Studio 2: Castle Set
There is an invisible circuit panel on the wall in the southeast corner. Luigi must use the Dark-Light Device to reveal it and use a Suction Shot to pull off the panel, revealing the Golden Goob.

Tomb Suites[edit]

Room Description
Sandy Grand Hall
There is a genie's lamp embedded in the sand in the southeast area of the Sandy Grand Hall. Luigi must locate and vacuum up the lamp and wait a moment. Coins, bills, Gold Bars, and a Golden Goob pop out, respectively.
Jewel Chamber
To begin, Luigi must destroy one of the vases near the statue to find a white jewel. He must vacuum the jewel, take it to the south end of the chamber, and locate the corresponding hole in high in the west wall, then launch the jewel into it. This opens up the wall, revealing the blue gem of the Tomb Suites on a shelf. Right after Luigi collects it, a mummy bursts out of the sarcophagus which is also revealed. Luigi must stun and defeat the mummy to reveal a Golden Goob. Notably, Luigi may vacuum some of this mummy's bandadges to drop coins before revealing the Golden Goob.

Twisted Suites[edit]

Room Description
Bladed Bedroom
Luigi must alternatively vacuum and blow the saw to cut the box in half, popping open the compartments to reveal two Golden Goobs.
Laundry Room
Luigi must use the Dark-Light Device to reveal an invisible washing machine next to the other washing machine. After the washer is revealed, he must use a Suction Shot to pop it open, getting several fish and a Golden Goob. While capturing the Golden Goob, these fish can be destroyed for additional coins.
Luigi must spin the table in front of the stage to focus all of the spotlights on the center of the stage. He must then walk onstage and pose in the spotlights to reveal two Golden Goobs near the table.
Suit Bathroom
When Luigi arrives on the floor while chasing after Polterkitty, he can use the Dark-Light to reveal footprints left by Polterpup leading to this room. Polterpup will be standing near the toilet, which will reveal the Golden Goob once Luigi examines it. This Golden Goob does not appear before this event.

The Spectral Catch[edit]

Room Description
Elevator Hall
There is a small, invisible sailboat circling the miniature island in the center of the fountain. Luigi must use the Dark-Light Device to reveal it, then vacuum it a bit to reveal the Golden Goob.

Fitness Center[edit]

Room Description
Weight Room
There is an invisible treasure chest on the right side of the weight machine containing a Golden Goob.
Training Room
Luigi must use the Strobulb to flash the radio in the northeast corner three times to get the channel stuck on the medley that plays when a Golden Goob is revealed. He must then leave the room and re-enter to find two Golden Goobs and a Gem Goob using the treadmills in the room. Alternatively, Luigi can use the Dark-Light Device near the treadmills to reveal the ghosts without leaving and re-entering the room.
Locker Room
While chasing Polterkitty after finding her in the laundry basket in the Shower Room, Luigi must go to the south entrance of that room and, after entering the Locker Room from that door, follow Polterpup to the right of the room and slam the locker that he is sniffing, which causes two Goobs and a Golden Goob to appear. This has to be done before battling the ghosts in the Weight Room.

Master Suite[edit]

Room Description
In the hidden alcove on the left side of the main level of the Library, there is a stand holding a picture book. Luigi must vacuum the pages to turn them. They appear to show a regular Goob eating a cake and becoming a Golden Goob. At this point, a real Golden Goob reveals itself out of the book.
Drawing Room
Luigi must spin the pinwheel in the southwest corner of the room to completely turn the floor until a scale model of the Gloomy Manor from Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon appears. Luigi must approach and examine the manor - he stops for a moment as the camera zooms in suspensefully, eventually revealing the Golden Goob.
Master Bathroom
In the sauna, Luigi must vacuum up the bucket sitting on the bench near the shower and water the stones in the stove in the southeast corner. The resulting steam reveals two Golden Goobs on the benches, each reading a newspaper. Defeating these Golden Goobs earns Luigi a special achievement.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴールドラウスト
Gōrudo Rausuto
Gold Goob

Dutch Gouden slijmerik
Golden goob
German Goldschlingel
Korean 골드 라우스트
Goldeu Lauseuteu
Gold Goob

Spanish (NOA) Extraente áureo
Golden goob
Spanish (NOE) Granujirú dorado
Golden Goob