List of Luigi's Mansion 3 pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Luigi's Mansion 3.

Early ideas[edit]

  • It was briefly considered to have the player spend Coins to buy hints from Professor E. Gadd. This was abandoned due to the belief this would discourage players from seeking out hints.[1]
  • It was initially impossible to capture Morty but this was dropped after consideration that some players would want to capture every single ghost.[1]

Early builds[edit]


  • Early interviews mentioned that the game's multi-floor setting would feature heavily in the game's puzzle; an example given was that the player could find water dripping down on the floor and understand this as a cue to explore the room above the current location. These puzzles were largely scaled back in the final game due to players finding them too confusing in practice and such puzzles were "the hardest to develop and the most challenging to change after the fact".[1]
  • "Ice" and "Fire" floors were developed, but were not included due not fitting the game's concept of featuring either expected locations for a hotel or themed locations that would surprise the player.[1]

Announcement trailer[edit]

  • Luigi's Mansion 3 was originally the tentative title for the game, prior to becoming the actual title.
  • The logo looked slightly different, with the "3" being green rather than orange and shaped a bit differently.
  • The Last Resort looked very different, with a different background.
  • When Luigi enters the Ballroom, the canister on the Poltergust G-00 is filled with green goo. This does not happen in the actual game, as Luigi does not get Gooigi until after he defeats Chambrea in the RIP Suites.
  • Mario's hotel room, Room 502, looks a bit different.
  • A poster of Luigi in the RIP Suites hallway, between Room 506 and Room 507, has a much bigger close up than in the final game.
  • The tablecloths in the Restaurant have a different design, with no food or silverware on them.
  • There is a clock in place of the key in the Grand Lobby behind the front desk.
  • The Goobs had white HP text, while in the final game, they have blue ones.

Art Viewer[edit]

  • Some pieces of concept art show that the Poltergust 5000 from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon was going to appear in the game.
  • A theme park inspired floor was planned for the game, since concept art for the Last Resort shows a Ferris wheel and roller coaster on the bottom left of the building.[2]
  • The Grand Lobby had a variety of different designs considered for it during development, including one with a massive fountain in the middle of the room and one with green light streaming through the windows.
  • Amadeus Wolfgeist may have originally played more instruments than just the piano, since another piece of concept art shows him using a violin, cymbals and a guitar among other instruments.
  • The venus fly trap Dr. Potter used in his boss battle had three heads in one piece of concept art, implying the plant might have become more dangerous as the battle went on.
  • RIP Suites originally had at least 40 guest rooms in it, though this was eventually cut down to 8 rooms by the final release.



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