List of Wario Land 3 pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for Wario Land 3.

Unused graphics[edit]

Menacing face[edit]

In the tiles for the boss room, a grinning fanged face can be seen in the level editor. It may have been intended for the hidden figure's transformation.[1]

Enemy graphics[edit]


Unused frames for a Kushimushi

Kushimushi has unused graphics showing flapping wings, possibly intended for flying; however, they may also be for a stunned animation, as in the final game Kushimushi falls off the screen when attacked.


Unused frames for a spark

Spark has graphics that seem to be for a defeat animation; in the final game, Sparks are completely invincible. There also exists graphics for them moving their eyes left and right.


Unused frames for a Denki

Denki have unused sprites for either being stunned or defeated, neither of which can occur in the final. They show eyes, hinting that Denki are actually alive.


Unused frames for a Akamajakushi

Akamajakushi have two unused graphics, one showing one with an angrier face, and the other facing the screen, possibly as a turning animation.


Unused frames for a Haridama

Haridama have an unused death frame.


The sun has an unused grinning animation; in the final, it uses its spitting animation for its idle animation.[1]

Unused enemy[edit]

An unused floral enemy that detaches from the ground, flies over the ground, and replants itself can be found in the game's data. It is loosely comparable to Floro Sapiens.[1]


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