List of Mario Party 6 pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content from Mario Party 6.

Early builds[edit]

An early screenshot of Solo Mode.

The Solo Mode originally used simple colored spaces, as opposed to the 4-Player, 1-Vs-3, and 2-Vs-2 spaces seen in the final game.

Unused data[edit]

An unused Orb called the Barrel Orb with the Orb ID 20 would protect players from dueling for one turn. There are no unique orb graphics and no activation text for this item. It has the following description: "Barrel Orb. Can't use. Hide in a barrel to avoid duel one time. Can't be used or placed."

Three Orbs called D Camera, D Warp, and D Decision are used for debugging purposes, related to their specific name, though the D Decision Orb does not do anything.

Various orbs are used for events, possibly for debugging purposes, but are taken out of the game. These include the Bullet Bill Move, Duel, Miracle, Bowser, Donkey Kong, VS, and Red Boo.

The game has the same debugging menu (selmenu.bin and selmenuDll.rel) as Mario Party 4 save for the mini-game titles. Mini-games can be accessed and played through this menu, as well as selecting playable characters. The debugging menu also allows testers to test the various message boxes throughout the game.

There is an unused test map (af.bin and safdll.rel) where it takes place on a grassy plain with various objects, including brown cars, a wall of water, trees, and floating platforms.