Clockwork Castle

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This article is about the board from Mario Party 6. For the course from New Super Mario Bros. U, see Ludwig's Clockwork Castle.
Clockwork Castle
Appeared in Mario Party 6
Availability Unlocked by purchasing it from the Star Bank for 100 Stars
Day timeNight time

Clockwork Castle is an unlockable board in Mario Party 6. There are four areas that make up the board: the courtyard, Brighton's Temple, Twila's Airship, and the castle itself. Warp Pipes are located on the top and bottom parts of the board (three on each side) that warp players from one side to the same colored pipe on the other side.

This board gets the most out of the day/night system. At daytime, players will go around the board clockwise, Brighton will give out gifts when someone lands on his ? Space, the red and green pipes will be active on both sides of the board, and Donkey Kong will travel around the board giving out stars to players that get to him or when he gets to them. After all four players take their turn, DK will then take his own turn by rolling the Dice Block (or two if he eats a banana prior to rolling the Block) and lands on another space, making that the new Star Space. During the night, players will go around the board counterclockwise, Twila will give out the gifts if players land on her ? Space, and only the green pipes will be active. DK will also be replaced by Bowser. He will "award" players that get to him or if he gets to them with a Shadow Star that will take away a Star or 20 coins if they do not have a Star. After all the four players take their turn, Bowser will then take his own turn by rolling the Dice Block (or two if he breathes fire prior to rolling the Block) and land on another space, making that the new Shadow Star Space.

Landing on a ? Space near the pipes on the bottom side will randomly change the colors of the pipes, so that they also change where players end up when they are used. Landing on the ? Space at the back of Twila's ship will give players a chance to get an Orb by using a fishing rod to fish it out of the clouds. If they get a Bob-omb, they lose all of their Orbs. The ? Space behind Brighton's Temple will summon a UFO that takes the player back to the start. If the player lands on the ? Space in front of Brighton's Temple during the day or Twila's airship in the night, Brighton or Twila will appear in front of their respective homes and make two treasure boxes appear. One treasure box has a star inside, and the other has coins. The ? Space at the top of the castle will give players a chance to change the time of day, but there is only a 50/50 chance that it will change.

Donkey Kong and Bowser are unaffected by roadblock Orbs, such as the Thwomp Orb. They also are programmed to only land on Blue or Red Spaces. In addition, any Character Space they land on will eliminate it.

Clockwork Castle is the only board that doesn't have a DK Space or a Bowser Space.


Type of Space Number of Spaces
Blue Spaces
Red Spaces
? Spaces
Duel Spaces
Miracle Spaces
DK Spaces
Bowser Spaces
Total of Spaces 64

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チェイスキャッスル
Cheisu Kyassuru
Chase Castle
Spanish Castillo del cuco Cuckoo castle
French Château Rouages Cogs Castle
German Wirrwarr-Burg Chaos Castle
Italian Castello Tic Tac Tick Tock Castle