Megafruit Paradise

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Megafruit Paradise
SMP Megafruit Paradise.jpg
Appeared in Super Mario Party
Availability Default
Description These four little tropical islands feature pipes you can use to warp between them.

Megafruit Paradise (known as Watermelon Walkabout in Partner Party) is one of four available boards in Super Mario Party. It is available from the start. The board takes place in a tropical area with a few structures made of fruit, including watermelon and pineapple.


  • Pipe warp!: The player will enter a Warp Pipe and be warped to another section of the board.
  • Angry Mega Blooper: A Mega Blooper will swim underneath a bridge and attempt to knock any player on the bridge off the board. If the player is in the Mega Blooper's way, they will be sent flying back a few spaces.
  • Unnamed Star Event (exclusive to Mario Party): The player will light up either one or two star-shaped sparklers and will win a star if both are lit. If a player lands here after both are lit, nothing happens.
  • Unnamed Flutter Event (exclusive to Partner Party): Players will speak to a Flutter working a shop and can purchase a Golden Dash Mushroom, Peepa Bell, or a Golden Pipe. A spinner will then show up, and depending on where it lands, it will fill up a thermometer. If the thermometer fills up all the way, it will fall down, and the top of an ice cream cone structure will collapse on the Flutter's items.
  • Unnamed Present Event (exclusive to Partner Party): Players can choose between the two presents. Either a Koopa Paratroopa will appear and allow players to pay coins to move to someone else's space or a Piranha Plant will appear and bite them, taking away some of the player's coins.
  • To the plateau! (exclusive to Partner Party): A team can get a Silver Pick on Pineapple Island, allowing them to reach the Watermelon Plateau for a star.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 発見!巨大フルーツの島
Hakken! Kyodai Furūtsu no Shima
A Discovery! Islands of Large Fruit