Cheep Cheep Swarms

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Cheep Cheep Swarms
Game Super Mario Party
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Cheep Cheep Swarms is one of the fifth routes players can travel in the River Survival mode of Super Mario Party.


The route starts with a slight right curve, followed by waves of Cheep Cheeps. A slight left waterfall then appears, and the players must cross a group of Cheep Cheeps while avoiding intermittent rocks. The first Minigame Balloon then appears on the left just before the 4,500-meter mark, and the players take a subsequent slight left, followed by a slight right waterfall. The second Minigame Balloon is found amidst additional Cheep Cheeps in the middle of the route, just before another slight left waterfall. The players must then maneuver around a few more groups of Cheep Cheeps as they reach the goal.