Rocky Sailing

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Rocky Sailing
Game Super Mario Party
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Rocky Sailing is one of the fourth routes players can travel in the River Survival mode of Super Mario Party.


The route starts with a short waterfall, followed by alternating sets of obstructing rocks and a few + Clocks. The route slights left, and the first Minigame Balloon can be found after the players get past the rocks. Afterwards, there is a gradual right-turning waterfall with rocks on the edges, along with the 3,500-meter mark near the waterfall's base. The path then slights left again amidst some rocks obstructing the second area, with the second Minigame Balloon veering around them. After a short waterfall, a Dash Panel leads to a trail of notes on the left side of the path that ends at a second Dash Panel in between two rocks, revealing a third Minigame Balloon. After a steep waterfall leading to a rock right in the center, the players reach the fork leading to either Monster Attack! or Kamek's Curse.