Golden Drink

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Golden Drink
A Golden Drink
First appearance Super Mario Party (2018)
Effect Gives the player one coin for each space they pass during the specified turn

The Golden Drink is an item from Super Mario Party. It resembles an aluminum soda can with a coin icon painted on its wrapper. When the Golden Drink is used, the player turns into their gold form and receives one coin for each space they pass, like with the Flower Orb from Mario Party 7 and the Bitsize Candy from Mario Party 8. The Golden Drink cannot be used if the player is under the effect of a Peepa Bell.

In-game description[edit]

Gain 1 2D vector artwork of a Coin coin each time you move. Can't use this when Peepa is in the way.



  • The sound effect that plays when a player uses the Golden Drink is the same sound effect used for when Mario or Luigi collects a Gold Flower from New Super Mario Bros. 2.
  • If, on the same turn in which the second player in a team uses a Golden Drink, their teammate lands on a VS Space, the Golden Drink's effects on the former player will carry on to the VS Space's minigame. This is only a cosmetic effect, though.
  • During the Nintendo Treehouse presentation, both the Golden Drink and the Peepa Bell could also be used in the Mario Party mode. This is no longer the case in the final game, where it can be used only in the Partner Party mode.[1]
  • Gold variants of Dry Bones and Shy Guy similar to their Golden Drink forms later appear in Mario Kart Tour.


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