Monster Attack!

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Monster Attack!
MonsterAttack SMP.png
Game Super Mario Party
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Monster Attack! is one of the fifth routes players can travel in the River Survival mode of Super Mario Party.


The route starts with a gradual left turn with a Dash Panel ramp, followed by a gradual right turn amidst some Bloopers and the first Minigame Balloon. A waterfall then follows, along with some notes that stretch across two more waterfalls that unveil the second Minigame Balloon. The players reach the 4,500-meter mark and some Dash Panel ramps immediately afterward, followed by a slight left waterfall. A Mega Blooper then attempts to suck in the players, who must paddle to escape. After a long waterfall with intermittent rocks and + Clocks, the players reach the goal.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOE) Megacriatura al acecho
Lurking Mega Creature