Dai Gorō

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Dai Gorō
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros. U (2012)
Latest Appearance New Super Luigi U (2013)
Parent Species Grrrol
Related Species
Spiny Tromp

Dai Gorō (ダイゴロー[1], meaning "Big Grrrol") are larger Grrrols which first appear in New Super Mario Bros. U along with their smaller counterparts. They are similar to Spiny Tromps from the Paper Mario series.

Dai Gorō are found in the first Rock-Candy Mines tower, Grinding-Stone Tower, in New Super Mario Bros. U, and its equivalent level in New Super Luigi U, Smashing-Stone Tower. One is also found at the end of Underground Grrrols, and a few more are found in Stone-Snake Tower. In all four levels, Grrrols are the primary obstacles. Dai Gorō generally appear in confined areas and roll back and forth as obstacles, rather than coming from generators like normal Grrrols. Like normal Grrrols, they can also smash through Brick Blocks; however, unlike them, which have twelve spikes, Dai Gorō have twenty spikes.


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