Coin Courses

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Coin Courses
Coin Courses.png
Appearance New Super Mario Bros. U
New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
Levels 8
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Coin Courses is a multiplayer-exclusive world found in the Coin Battle mode of New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, containing eight courses not found in the regular game.


Level Preview Description
World CoinNSMBW Coinworld.png-1 Coin Course oneNSMBU.png A level set on Acorn Plains and based on Rise of the Piranha Plants.
World CoinNSMBW Coinworld.png-2 Coin Course twoNSMBU.png A level based on the game Mario Bros., with Koopa Troopas acting as Shellcreepers.
World CoinNSMBW Coinworld.png-3 World-Coin-3 NSMBU.png A level set on Sparkling Waters and the only enemies are Koopa Troopas.
World CoinNSMBW Coinworld.png-4 World Coin-4 NSMBU.PNG A level set on Meringue Clouds that has moving cloud platforms.
World CoinNSMBW Coinworld.png-5 World-Coin-5 NSMBU.PNG A underwater level located in Sparkling Waters.
World CoinNSMBW Coinworld.png-6 World Coin-Ghost NSMBU.png A ghost house level with Broozers.
World CoinNSMBW Coinworld.png-7 World Coin-7 NSMBU.PNG An icy level with Icicles.
World CoinNSMBW Coinworld.png-8 World Coin-8 NSMBU.png A level with Bouncy Clouds and two Checkpoint Flags.

Level Previews[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Niveles de Cazamonedas Levels of Coin Battle
French Stages personnalisables Customizable courses
Dutch Unieke levels Unique Levels


Level maps[edit]