Rise of the Piranha Plants

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This article is about Rise of the Piranha Plants, a level in New Super Mario Bros. U. For other uses, see Acorn Plains-5.
Rise of the Piranha Plants
Rise of the Piranha Plants
Level code World 1-5
World Acorn Plains
Game New Super Mario Bros. U
Primary power-up Fire Flower
Time limit 400 seconds
500 seconds (Deluxe)
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Rise of the Piranha Plants, or Acorn Plains-5, is the fifth course of Acorn Plains in New Super Mario Bros. U. As the name suggests, this level is filled with different varieties of Piranha Plants. This course is unlocked by completing Yoshi Hill, and a Piranha Plant enemy course is unlocked upon its completion, in turn unlocking Lemmy's Swingback Castle.


This level begins near a Big Piranha Plant, two moving platforms, and a ? Block. To the left of the starting area is a false wall with coins above it. A Koopa Troopa is found, followed by a Big Piranha Plant on a moving platform. A false wall next to the platform contains several coins. Another group of Big Piranha Plants and moving platforms is found, with a Hidden Block containing a 1-Up Mushroom against the wall under the last moving platform. The Checkpoint Flag soon follows. Another ? Block is found, along with some sloped platforms with Piranha Plants on the edges. A Hammer Bro is encountered on a group of blocks, next to a moving platform. Another Koopa Troopa is found, followed by an area with moving platforms over a pit. A Big Piranha Plant is found on the ceiling. More tilted platforms are found, with a Koopa Troopa and two Goombas nearby. A slope with Piranha Plants above it and two Goombas on it is found. Another Hammer Bro is encountered on top of a group of Brick Blocks, followed by another group of slanted platforms and the Goal Pole.

Star Coins[edit]

The third Star Coin
  • Star Coin 1: Not too far from the start of the level, the first Star Coin is found above a Big Piranha Plant. The player must either wait until the latter drops down, or simply defeat the Piranha Plant using the Fire Flower.
  • Star Coin 2: In a Warp Pipe guarded by a Big Piranha Plant, the player must use a Fire Flower to defeat it and the other Piranha Plants beyond the Warp Pipe. The Piranha Plants in the room containing the Star Coin may also be defeated by hitting the Hidden Block containing the Super Star and running through the Piranha Plants guarding the Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 3: Shortly after the second Star Coin, above a Hammer Bro.


Image Name Count
KoopaTroopaNSMBU.png Green Koopa Troopa 2
KoopatroopaNSMBU.png Red Koopa Troopa 1
Piranha Plant from NSMBU Piranha Plant 8
Big Piranha Plant Big Piranha Plant 9
Hammer Bro in New Super Mario Bros. U Hammer Bro. 3
NSMBU Goomba Artwork.png Goomba 4

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese せりあがる大地のパックンフラワー
Seri agaru daichi no Pakkunfurawā
Piranha Plants of the Raising Grounds

Chinese 大地隆起的吞食花
Dàdì Lóngqǐ de Tūnshí Huā
Piranha Plants of the Raising Grounds

Dutch Pas op: Piranha Plants!
Watch out: Piranha Plants!
French (NOA) Guérilla Fleurs Piranha
Piranha Plant Guerilla
French (NOE) Guérilla Piranha
Piranha Guerilla
German Piranha-Auf-und-Ab
On-and-Off Piranha
Italian Piante Piranha à gogo
Piranha Plants galore (there is a typo, the accent should be on "gogò" instead of "à")
Korean 솟아오르는 대지의 뻐끔플라워
Sosaoreuneun Daejiui Ppeokkeumpeullaweo
Piranha Plant of Rising Ground

Portuguese Vingança das Plantas Piranha
Revenge of the Piranha Plants
Russian Холмы растений-пираний
Kholmy rasteniy-piraniy
Piranha Plant hills

Spanish (NOA) La rebelión de las plantas piraña
The piranha plants' rebellion
Spanish (NOE) La rebelión de las Plantas Piraña
Piranha Plants' Rebellion

Level map[edit]

Level map