Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto

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This article is about Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto, a level in New Super Mario Bros. U. For other uses, see Sparkling Waters-5.
Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto
NSMBU Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto Screenshot.jpg
Level code World 3-5
World Sparkling Waters
Game New Super Mario Bros. U
Primary power-up Super Star
Time limit 400 seconds
500 seconds (Deluxe)
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Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto, or Sparkling Waters-5, is the fifth course of Sparkling Waters in New Super Mario Bros. U. It is unlocked via completion of Above the Cheep Cheep Seas or Urchin Shoals, and its own completion unlocks Larry's Torpedo Castle.

Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto makes one other appearance in Monopoly Gamer, as the sixth Property on the game board. It is one of two properties in the Maroon Color Set (along with Sparkling Waters).


Mario and co. start in a small area with a Warp Pipe sticking out of the water, which takes them underwater. The ground underwater is made entirely of quicksand. After Mario and co. exit from the Warp Pipe, there is a ? Block with a power-up, followed by a school of Eep Cheeps. At the second ? Block, a Dragoneel appears and circles around it, following after Mario and co. when they continue onward. The rest of the stage continues with Eep Cheeps, ? Blocks, and various current-producing Warp Pipes to help Mario and co. move faster. Near the end of the level, there is a large school of Eep Cheeps that may hinder Mario and co.'s progression. Another Warp Pipe then takes Mario and co. directly to the Goal Pole.

Mario and co. can also skip the underwater sections by using the P-Acorn to fly over the wall at the beginning of the level.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1: The first Star Coin is located in plain sight, with coins circling it. Mario and co. must wait until the Warp Pipes turn to stop the currents blocking them from obtaining the Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 2: The second Star Coin is located between two rows of Brick Blocks following the Checkpoint Flag, requiring the use of Super Mario to obtain it.
  • Star Coin 3: Almost submerged in quicksand is a Warp Pipe that leads to the area with the final Star Coin. Mario and co. must swim to it while avoiding the two purple Dragoneels that appear in this small area.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タツノンがすむ かいていどうくつ
Tatsunon ga sumu kaitei dōkutsu
The Dragoneel-inhabited Undersea Cave

Chinese 住着海龙的海底洞窟 (Simplified)
住著海龍的海底洞窟 (Traditional)
Zhùzhe Hǎilóng de Hǎidǐ Dòngkū
The Dragoneel-inhabited Undersea Cave

Dutch Dragoneels domein
Dragoneel's domain
French Repaire de Dranguille
Dragoneel Repair
German Drachenaals Grotte
Dragoneel's Grotto
Italian Grotta della Dranguilla
Cave of the Dragoneel
Korean 용돌이가 사는 해저 동굴
Yongdoriga Saneun Haejeo Donggul
Underwater Cave Where Dragoneels Dwell

Portuguese Covil da Dragoreia
Dragoneel's Den
Russian Подводный грот Драконоугря
Podvodnyy grot Drakonougrya
Dragoneel's underwater cave

Spanish (NOA) La gruta submarina de Anguisaurio
Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto
Spanish (NOE) La gruta submarina de Hidragón
Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto

Level map[edit]

Map of Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto
Map of Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto