Meringue Clouds

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Meringue Clouds
A map of Meringue Clouds in New Super Mario Bros. U
Game New Super Mario Bros. U
New Super Luigi U
New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
Level(s) 10
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World map
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Meringue Clouds is the cloudy seventh world of New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U, and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. It is east of Acorn Plains, Layer-Cake Desert, Sparkling Waters, and Frosted Glacier, northeast of Soda Jungle, northwest of Rock-Candy Mines, and south of Peach's Castle. The world can be either accessed by completing Roy's Conveyor Castle or completing Flight of the Para-Beetles, Soda Jungle's secret level. (In New Super Luigi U, these levels are replaced by Roy's Ironclad Castle and Para-Beetle Parade, respectively.)

Meringue Clouds is a sky world similar to World 7 from previous New Super Mario Bros. games. Unlike other sky levels in the game, hills are visible in the background of Meringue Clouds' sky levels, and two of them take place during sunset. Ludwig's Clockwork Castle takes place right in front of the tornado surrounding Peach's Castle, which is marked off by different cloud coloration. It seems to take place over a cliff next to World 1, the grass-themed world from the previous New Super Mario Bros. games, in between Rock-Candy Mines and Peach's Castle. Its name is derived from a French dessert made from whipped egg whites and sugar. There are 10 levels in this world, with 6 normal levels, one being the third Ghost House in the game, the Tower level, the Castle level and the Airship level. The boss of this world is Ludwig von Koopa.


New Super Mario Bros. U[edit]

Level number Level name Preview Description
Meringue Clouds-1 Land of Flying Blocks New Super Mario Bros. U A level with moving clouds and quick-moving Brick Blocks.
Meringue Clouds-2 Seesaw Shrooms New Super Mario Bros. U A level with Tilting Mushroom platforms, Fuzzies and Yoshi.
Meringue Clouds-3 Switchback Hill New Super Mario Bros. U A level filled with arrow lifts and Bullet Bills.
Meringue Clouds-NSMBW Tower Icon.pngTower Slide Lift Tower New Super Mario Bros. U The first and only tower with Magikoopa as the boss. This tower is full of slide lifts, as the name suggests.
Meringue Clouds-Ghost Icon.pngGhost House Spinning Spirit House New Super Mario Bros. U The final Ghost House in the game where platforms constantly spin. There are also three (3) multi-door rooms in this stage.
Meringue Clouds-4 Bouncy Cloud Boomerangs New Super Mario Bros. U A level set in sunset with bouncy clouds and Boomerang Bros. This is the only level in which Boomerang Bros. appear.
Meringue Clouds-5 A Quick Dip in the Sky New Super Mario Bros. U A cliff-related level with Fuzzies, Water Balls, and Piranha Plants.
Meringue Clouds-6 Snaking above Mist Valley New Super Mario Bros. U Like Bouncy Cloud Boomerangs, this is a sunset level. This level features Paratroopas, Foos, and Snake Blocks.
Meringue Clouds-Castle Icon.pngCastle Ludwig's Clockwork Castle New Super Mario Bros. U The Meringue Clouds castle with Ludwig as the boss. This level has Sledge Bros., Amps, and several moving platforms moved by gears.
Meringue Clouds-The Icon of a Airship from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.Airship Boarding the Airship Boarding the Airship The second and final airship with Bowser Jr. as the boss. This airship has two portions: one on the ground, and another portion on the airship. This is the only level in the game to have Rocky Wrenches and two Checkpoint Flags.

New Super Luigi U[edit]

Level number Level name Preview Description
Meringue Clouds-1 Frozen Fuzzies NSLU Frozen Fuzzies.PNG In the first level of the seventh world, Luigi encounters Fuzzies and Ice Bros.
Meringue Clouds-2 Wiggler Rodeo Luigi sighting in Wiggler Rodeo from New Super Luigi U This level features multiple Munchers and Wigglers.
Meringue Clouds-3 Rainbow Skywalk A screenshot of New Super Luigi U As its name states, this level is mainly set on halls surrounded by rainbow walls, as well as colorful wooden blocks. Luigi encounters Bullet Bills and Waddlewings.
Meringue Clouds-NSMBW Tower Icon.pngTower Stonecrush Tower NSLU Stonecrush Tower Screenshot.png The last Tower of the game. Luigi needs to defeat Magikoopa to pass to the next level.
Meringue Clouds-Ghost Icon.pngGhost House Vanishing Ghost House NSLU Vanishing Ghost House Screenshot.jpg The last Ghost House of the game. Luigi needs to pass platforms that disappear behind him. This level features a secret exit.
Meringue Clouds-4 Above the Bouncy Clouds Luigi sighting in Above the Bouncy Clouds from New Super Luigi U The level features Bouncy Clouds.
Meringue Clouds-5 Flame Chomp Ferris Wheel Luigi sighting in Flame Chomp Ferris Wheel from New Super Luigi U This level features multiple rotating platforms, acting as Ferris Wheels. Flame Chomps also appear.
Meringue Clouds-6 Three-Headed Snake Block Three Headed Snake Block.png The Snake Blocks are the main source of footing in the stage aside from other floating platforms. Luigi must avoid Foos that appear here.
Meringue Clouds-Castle Icon.pngCastle Ludwig's Block-Press Castle Ludwig's Block-Press Castle from New Super Luigi U Ludwig von Koopa, the last Koopaling to be fought is here. Luigi must be careful on this level to avoid being crushed. Bony Beetles and Fire Bars appear in this castle.
Meringue Clouds-The Icon of a Airship from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.Airship Bowser Jr. Showdown NSLU Bowser Jr Showdown Screenshot.png Luigi must be careful to avoid the Mecha Hand on the last airship level of the game. Bowser Jr. is fought here.

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New Super Mario Bros. U[edit]

New Super Luigi U[edit]

Appearances in other games[edit]

Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

Meringue Clouds appears in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as one of the stage variations of the Mushroom Kingdom U stage, using the sunset setting found in two of its stages. The layout consists of a few platforms, including two that players can fall through. Several obstacles may appear in this section of the stage, including Stretch Blocks, water geysers that may carry Big Urchins, and a giant beanstalk that grows in the middle of the stage.

Monopoly Gamer[edit]

Meringue Clouds is the thirteenth Property on the game board in Monopoly Gamer. It is one of two properties in the Green Color Set (along with Switchback Hill).

WarioWare: Get It Together![edit]

In WarioWare: Get It Together!, Meringue Clouds appears as the setting of the Level 2 difficulty in the New Super Mario Bros. U microgame.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マシュマロうんかい
Mashumaro Unkai
Marshmallow Sea of Clouds
Chinese (Simplified) 棉花糖云海
Miánhuātáng yúnhǎi
Marshmallow Sea of Clouds
Chinese (Traditional) 棉花糖雲海
Miánhuātáng yúnhǎi
Marshmallow Sea of Clouds
Dutch Slagroomwolken Whipped Cream Clouds
French (NOA) Chemin des Meringues Meringue Course
French (NOE) Paradis Chantilly Whipped Cream Paradise
German Zuckerwattenwolkenzone Cotton Candy Clouds Zone
Italian Nuvole di meringa Meringue Clouds
Korean 마시멜로 운해
Masimello Unhae
Marshmallow Sea of Clouds
Portuguese Nuvens de Algodão Doce Cotton Candy Clouds
Russian Одуванчиковые облака
Oduvanchikovye oblaka
Dandelion Clouds
Spanish (NOA) Mar de Merengue Meringue Sea
Spanish (NOE) Nubes de Merengue Meringue Clouds