Freezing-Rain Tower

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This article is about Freezing-Rain Tower, a level in New Super Mario Bros. U. For other uses, see Frosted Glacier-Tower.
Freezing-Rain Tower
Freezing-Rain Tower
Level code World 4-NSMBW Tower Icon.pngTower
World Frosted Glacier
Game New Super Mario Bros. U
Time limit 500 seconds
Boss Boom Boom
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Freezing-Rain Tower, or Frosted Glacier-NSMBW Tower Icon.pngTower, is the Tower of Frosted Glacier in New Super Mario Bros. U. It is unlocked via completion of Cooligan Fields, and its own completion opens the path to Prickly Goombas! and a cutscene of Peach's Castle being completely shrouded in Kamek's tornado. However, the cutscene does not play if Giant Skewer Tower is completed beforehand.


Similarly to Icicle Caverns and World 3-3, icicles act as the main obstacles. The level begins with a ? Block containing a power-up. The player then climbs up sloped platforms with icicles above them, as well as Huge Icicles that act as platforms. A section with more Huge Icicles follows, and they are used to reach higher platforms with Dry Bones on them. A pair of Huge Icicles allows the player to reach a long, tilting platform with a Dry Bones on it. A Red Ring is found underneath a row of icicles on the ceiling. Another sloped platform follows, along with a Huge Icicle, a tilting platform, and a long row of icicles on the ceiling. The Checkpoint Flag is found, along with platforms leading to a lift. The lift begins to rise, passing platforms with Dry Bones on them, as well as icicles. Prior to the boss door, multiple rows of icicles, a group of Dry Bones, and a POW Block are found. The boss door is found at the top of the area, with two Huge Icicles on either side with Hidden Blocks above them. The one on the right contains a Fire Flower.

Boom Boom is the boss of the tower. Kamek flies in and gives Boom Boom the ability to jump. Unlike in Stoneslide Tower, however, Boom Boom keeps his spin attack, even after getting stomped on.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1: The first Star Coin is found at the top of a long tilting platform.
  • Star Coin 2: After the Checkpoint Flag, the second Star Coin is found at the end of the right side of the tower.
  • Star Coin 3: After the second Star Coin, a hidden wall to the left contains the third Star Coin.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 雨アラレ ツララだらけのとりで
Ame Arare Tsurara Darake no Toride
Fortress Full of Raindrop-like Icicles
Chinese 逐渐掉落!悬挂着很多冰锥的堡垒 (Simplified)
逐漸掉落!懸掛著很多冰錐的堡壘 (Traditional)
Zhújiàn Diàoluò!Xuánguà zhe Hěnduō Bīngzhuī de Bǎolěi
It gradually drops! The Fortress where a lot of Icicles are hanging above
Dutch Bevroren toren Feezing towers
French Tour glaciale Icy Tower
German Tanztee im Tauwetterturm Tea Dance in the Thawtower
Italian Torre del ghiaccio cadente Falling ice tower
Korean 물방울과 고드름투성이 요새
Mulbangulgwa Godeureumtuseongi Yosae
Fortress Full Of Water Drop And Icicle
Portuguese Torre Gelada Icy Tower
Russian Башня тающих сосулек
Bashnya tayushchiks sosulek
Melting icicle tower
Spanish Torre Crámbano Icicle Tower

Level map[edit]

Level map