Yoshi Hill

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This article is about Yoshi Hill, a level in New Super Mario Bros. U. For other uses, see Acorn Plains-3.
Yoshi Hill
Monty Mole Grasslands NSMBU.png
Level code World 1-3
World Acorn Plains
Game New Super Mario Bros. U
Primary power-up Yoshi's Egg
Time limit 400 seconds
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Yoshi Hill, or Acorn Plains-3, is the third course of Acorn Plains in New Super Mario Bros. U. It is the first course to have Green Yoshi, as well as rolling hills. It is unlocked by completing Crushing-Cogs Tower, and completing the course unlocks both Mushroom Heights and Rise of the Piranha Plants, as well as an area with a Balloon Baby Yoshi.


The level begins next to the rolling hills, leading to some ? Blocks, one of which contains a power-up. A large rolling hill is found, along with a Monty Mole. Above it is a Hidden Block with a 1-Up Mushroom. A Warp Pipe containing a Piranha Plant is found before a ? Block containing a Yoshi's Egg. Another rolling hill is found along with a Monty Mole. Hidden Blocks lead to an area with coins. Hanging fruits that can be eaten by Yoshis can be found on bushes. Semi-solid platforms with Koopa Troopas on them are found, along with a row of Monty Moles. The Checkpoint Flag is found, and is followed by a slope with Goombas at the bottom. Above several blocks is a Brick Block containing a Super Star. Another rolling hill is found, along with a Monty Mole. A section above a pit is found, along with multiple Monty Moles. Fire Piranha Plants are encountered, as well as more Monty Moles. Some rolling hills and two Goombas are found, leading to the Goal Pole.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1: The first Star Coin is shortly after the first block containing Yoshi in plain sight. The player can either normally jump, Flutter Jump, or use Flying Squirrel suit's gliding abilities. Peachette can also reach this in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.
  • Star Coin 2: After the first Star Coin, there are two Brick Blocks barely obscured by the foreground. The player can grab a Super Mushroom or Yoshi can use their Ground Pounding abilities to break them. On the right, there is a pipe that leads to the sub-area containing the second Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 3: Between the two highest ledges in a stair-step platform near the end of the level, if the player drops down, there is a red Warp Pipe. Once they go down it, the third Star Coin is seen over a pit. It can be obtained by using Yoshi's Flutter Jump.


Image Name Count
NSMBU Goomba Artwork.png Goomba 5
KoopatroopaNSMBU.png Red Koopa Troopa 2
Piranha Plant from NSMBU Piranha Plant 8
FirepiranhaNSMBU.png Fire Piranha Plant 2
MontymoleNSMBU.png Monty Mole 23

Monopoly Gamer[edit]

Yoshi Hill (referred to as Yoshi's Hill) is the second property on the game board in Monopoly Gamer. It is one of two properties in the Brown Color Set (along with Acorn Plains).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドングリへいげんの ヨッシー
Donguri Heigen no Yosshī
Yoshi of Acorn Plains

Chinese 橡栗平原的耀西
Xiànglì Píngyuán de Yàoxī
Yoshi of Acorn Plains

Dutch Yoshi's mollenjacht
Yoshi's mole hunting
French Colline Yoshi
Yoshi Hill
German Yoshi-Hügel
Yoshi Hill
Italian Collina degli Yoshi
Yoshi hills
Korean 도토리 평원의 요시
Dotori Pyeong'won-ui Yosi
Yoshi Of Acorn Plains

Portuguese Colina do Yoshi
Yoshi's Hill
Russian Холм Йоши
Kholm Yoshi
Yoshi's hill

Spanish (NOA) Loma Yoshi
Yoshi Hill
Spanish (NOE) Las colinas de Yoshi
Yoshi's Hills

Level map[edit]

Level map