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This article is about the world from New Super Mario Bros. U. For the golf course based on the world in Mario Golf: World Tour, see Sparkling Waters (golf course).
Not to be confused with Sparkle Water.
Sparkling Waters
Sparkling Waters map
Game New Super Mario Bros. U
New Super Luigi U
New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
Level(s) 9
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World map
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Sparkling Waters is the tropical third world of New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U, and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. Players can reach it by moving south from the end of Layer-Cake Desert. Sparkling Waters lies east of Acorn Plains, south-east from Layer-Cake Desert, south from Frosted Glacier, west from Soda Jungle and Rock-Candy Mines and south-west from Meringue Clouds and Peach's Castle. Sparkling Waters is an archipelago with bubbling Water Spouts, which is quite similar to World 3 from New Super Mario Bros. as that tropical world also had multiple islands. It is one of two of the worlds that the player can choose from after beating Morton Koopa Jr. in Morton's Compactor Castle (Morton's Lava-Block Castle in New Super Luigi U), the other being Frosted Glacier. Because of this, it is quite possible to play through the game without ever reaching Sparkling Waters. The world's name is possibly a reference to carbonated water. There are 9 levels in this world, consisting of 5 normal levels, a Sunken Ship, a secret level, the Tower level and the Castle level. There is a Balloon Baby Yoshi between Above the Cheep Cheep Seas and Urchin Shoals. The boss of this world is Larry Koopa. One color of each Toad House can be found here, along with the Secret Island, seen just left of Sparkling Waters.


New Super Mario Bros. U[edit]

Level Number Level Name Preview Description
Sparkling Waters-1 Waterspout Beach NSMBU Waterspout Beach Screenshot.jpg This level features several Huckit Crabs and Water Geysers.
Sparkling Waters-2 Tropical Refresher New Super Mario Bros. U An underwater course where many pipes and Big Urchins are found.
Sparkling Waters-NSMBW Tower Icon.pngTower Giant Skewer Tower Giant Skewer Tower This tower level has many Skewers. The bottom of this tower is flooded with water.
Sparkling Waters-Ghost Icon.pngGhost House Haunted Shipwreck Ghost House level The ruins of a ship infested with Boos. Like Giant Skewer Tower, part of this level is underwater. This level is a reference to Super Mario World's Sunken Ghost Ship.
Sparkling Waters-3 Above the Cheep Cheep Seas NSMBU Above the Cheep Cheep Seas Screenshot.jpg A course with Yoshi and giant Water Geysers that is full of leaping Cheep Cheeps.
Sparkling Waters-4 Urchin Shoals NSMBU Urchin Shoals Screenshot.jpg The fourth level of Sparkling Waters includes the two types Urchins and water spouts. This level is where a Nabbit catching takes place.
Sparkling Waters-5 Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto NSMBU Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto Screenshot.jpg Introduces Dragoneel, who follows and attacks the players.
Sparkling Waters-Castle Icon.pngCastle Larry's Torpedo Castle NSMBU Larry's Torpedo Castle Screenshot.png This castle contains many fences, Burners, and Torpedo Teds. Larry Koopa is fought at the end of the level.
Sparkling Waters-Skyward Stalk and Beanstalk Jungle icon from New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U. Skyward Stalk Skyward Stalk 2 A course which consists of climbing a giant beanstalk. This level's leaf platforms turn brown and fall. This is the only level in the game that features balloon Goombas.

New Super Luigi U[edit]

Level Number Level Name Preview Description
Sparkling Waters-1 Huckit Beach Resort A screenshot of New Super Luigi U A course with Huckit Crabs and wooden huts.
Sparkling Waters-2 Urchin Reef Romp NSLU Urchin Reef Romp Screenshot.png An underwater course with many Urchins, Big Eep Cheeps, and undertows.
Sparkling Waters-NSMBW Tower Icon.pngTower Shish-Kebab Tower NSLU Shish-Kebab Tower Screenshot.png Sparkling Waters' Tower. It features many Skewers, Fire Bros, and high speed elevators.
Sparkling Waters-Ghost Icon.pngGhost House Haunted Cargo Hold NSLU Haunted Cargo Hold Screenshot.png The shipwreck level in Sparkling Waters.
Sparkling Waters-3 Waterspout Sprint NSLU Waterspout Sprint Screenshot.png A level where waterspouts and palm trees are the main footholds. Goombrats and Piranha Plants are in this stage.
Sparkling Waters-4 The Great Geysers NSLU The Great Geysers Screenshot.png A waterfall stage with giant geysers. Stalking Piranha Plants and flying Cheep Cheeps make an appearance in this level.
Sparkling Waters-5 Dragoneel Depths NSLU Dragoneel Depths Screenshot.png Another underwater level featuring two Dragoneels. There are also Urchins that tumble down from above.
Sparkling Waters-Castle Icon.pngCastle Larry's Trigger-Happy Castle New Super Luigi U Luigi, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad and Nabbit running away from a King Bill in a castle level. An open castle with King Bills and Targeting Teds. Once again Larry Koopa is the boss at the end of the level.
Sparkling Waters-Skyward Stalk and Beanstalk Jungle icon from New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U. Beanstalk Jungle Beanstalk Jungle An auto-scrolling level in the forest where Luigi must climb many beanstalks while avoiding Lakitu, Piranha Plants and Waddlewings. Yoshi makes an appearance in this level.

Challenge Mode original courses[edit]

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New Super Mario Bros. U[edit]

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Appearances in other games[edit]

Mario Golf: World Tour[edit]

Main article: Sparkling Waters (golf course)
Hole 7 of Sparkling Waters in Mario Golf: World Tour
Sparkling Waters in Mario Golf: World Tour.

Sparkling Waters appears in the Flower Pack DLC of Mario Golf: World Tour. It is a remake of Yoshi's Island from Mario Golf, updated with the style and assets of Sparkling Waters.

Monopoly Gamer[edit]

Sparkling Waters is the fifth Property on the game board in Monopoly Gamer. It is one of two properties in the Maroon Color Set (along with Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミントしょとう
Minto Shotō
Mint Archipelago
Chinese (Simplified) 薄荷诸岛
Bòhé Zhūdǎo
Mint Archipelago
Chinese (Traditional) 薄荷諸島
Bòhé Zhūdǎo
Mint Archipelago
Dutch Suikerwaterzee Sugar Water Sea
French (NOA) Eaux Pétillantes Sparkling Waters
French (NOE) Mer Mentalo Peppermint Sea, Mentalo coming from Menthe à l'eau, meaning "peppermint cordial".
German Minzmeer Mint Sea
Italian Acque frizzanti Sparkling Waters
Korean 민트 제도
Minteu Jedo
Mint Archipelago
Portuguese Mar de Menta Mint Sea
Russian Мятное море
Myatnoye more
Mint Sea
Spanish Archipiélago de Almíbar Syrup (canned peaches) Archipelago


  • In the underwater reef sections, red Cheep Cheeps can be seen in the background.