Larry's Groundless Battle

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“Defeat Larry Koopa without touching the ground.”
In-game description
Mario in Larry's Groundless Battle

Larry's Groundless Battle is a Special challenge in the Challenge Mode of New Super Mario Bros. U.


The player must defeat Larry Koopa without touching the ground, meaning that the player can only land on the Water Geysers that appear during the battle.




  • Gold Medal: Clear!
  • Silver Medal: -
  • Bronze Medal: -


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese げきとつ!ラリーとの空中戦!
Gekitotsu! Rarī tono Kūchūsen!
Clash! Aerial Battle with Larry!
Korean 격돌! 래리와의 공중전!
Gyeokdol! Raeriwaui Gongjungjeon!
Clash! Aerial Battle Against Larry!