Penguin Bowling

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“Slide across the ice, without stopping, and defeat enemies to earn 1-Ups.”
In-game description
Penguin Bowling

Penguin Bowling is a 1-Up Rally challenge in Challenge Mode of New Super Mario Bros. U. The objective involves sliding with Penguin Mario to break through Brick Blocks and defeat enemies to earn 1-Ups.


The course is an original course, and takes place in a cavern full of ice, presumably in Frosted Glacier. The player must use Penguin Mario's sliding ability to break obstacles and outrun falling icicles while sliding into Koopa Troopas and Paratroopas to earn 1-Ups and to get to the end of the course.




  • Gold Medal: 32-Up
  • Silver Medal: 30-Up
  • Bronze Medal: 25-Up


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ペンギンで楽しいスケート!
Pengin de tanoshī sukēto!
Happy Skate with the Penguins!
Korean 펭귄으로 즐거운 스케이트!
Penggwineuro Jeulgeoun Seukeiteu!
Happy Skate With Penguin!