Fuzzy Alert!

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“Use Boost Blocks to collect all the coins in 100.00 or less.”
In-game description
Screenshot of Mario in Fuzzy Alert!, a Boost Mode Challenge Mode in New Super Mario Bros. U.
Mario in Fuzzy Alert!

Fuzzy Alert! is a Boost Mode Challenge in New Super Mario Bros. U.


In this challenge, the player using the GamePad must create Boost Blocks for the player controlling the character. The player controlling the character uses the Boost Blocks as platforms to collect the coins while avoiding the twelve Fuzzies. The Fuzzies can be blocked by the Boost Blocks, but the player fails the challenge if they get hit by a Fuzzy. The player must collect all the coins without getting hit by a Fuzzy in 100 seconds or less to complete the challenge.




  • Gold Medal: 30.00 or less
  • Silver Medal: 50.00 or less
  • Bronze Medal: 100.00 or less

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese どいて!チョロボン!
Doite! Chorobon!
Get out of the way! Fuzzy!

Italian Allarme Stordini
Fuzzy alert
Spanish ¡Alerta Fuzzy!
Fuzzy Alert!