Be Gentle to Giants

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Mario competing in Be Gentle to Giants
“Reach the goal without damaging enemies.
*Challenge ends if you damage enemies three times.
Objective summary.

Be Gentle to Giants is a Special challenge in the Challenge Mode of New Super Mario Bros. U.


Players have to complete the course Jungle of the Giants without touching any enemies. If they damage three times, they fail the challenge.




  • Gold Medal: No damage
  • Silver Medal: Damaged once
  • Bronze Medal: Damaged twice


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese きょだい生物に ご注意を!
Kyodai seibutsu ni gochūi o!
Watch out for the Giant Creatures!

Chinese (simplified) 小心巨大生物!
Xiǎoxīn Jùdà Shēngwù!
Watch out for the Giant Creatures!

Chinese (traditional) 注意巨大生物!
Zhùyì Jùdà Shēngwù!
Watch out for the Giant Creatures!

Italian Rispetto per i giganti
Respect for the giants
Korean 거대 생물 주의!
Geodae Saengmul Juui!
Giant Creature Warning!

Spanish ¡Paz entre los gigantes!
Peace Among Giants!