Dark Dark Coaster

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Screenshot of a Mii in Dark Dark Coaster in New Super Mario Bros. U.
The Dark Dark Coaster Challenge
“Collect as many coins as you can, and reach the goal.”
In-game description

Dark Dark Coaster is a level three Coin Collection Challenge in New Super Mario Bros. U. This challenge is based on Thrilling Spine Coaster.


The object of the challenge is to collect as many coins as possible while riding a Spine Coaster inside a dark cave. There are exactly 178 coins in this course, though only 175 are required to get a Gold Medal.

Some ? Blocks contain Super Stars, which expand the viewable area around the character so that it is easier to see.




  • Gold Medal: 175 coins
  • Silver Medal: 168 coins
  • Bronze Medal: 150 coins


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 暗やみコースターで コインさがし
Kurayami kōsutā de koin sagashi
Coin Finding with the Dark, Dark Coaster

Chinese 利用黑暗过山车来寻找金币 (Simplified)
利用黑暗過山車來尋找金幣 (Traditional)
Lìyòng Hēi'àn Guòshānchē Lái Xúnzhǎo Jīnbì
Finding Coins using the Dark Rollercoaster

German Knochenbahn im Münzenwahn
Spine Coaster in the Coin Madness
Italian Carrossoscuro
Korean 어둠 속 코스터를 타고 코인 찾기
Eodum Sok Koseuteoreul Tago Koin Chatgi
Riding Coaster In Darkness And Finding Coin

Spanish ¡Montaña rusa de tinieblas!
Roller Coaster of Darkness!