Fliprus Crossing

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“Reach the goal in 70.00 or less.”
Challenge description
Fliprus Crossing in New Super Mario Bros. U
Mario in Fliprus Crossing

Fliprus Crossing is a Time Attack Challenge in New Super Mario Bros. U.


Fliprus Crossing takes place in the Frosted Glacier world. The player must go through the course jumping on platforms floating on ice while avoiding Flipruses throwing snowballs, as well as River Piranha Plants. The goal must be reached in seventy seconds or less to pass the level.




  • Gold Medal: 55.00 or less
  • Silver Medal: 58.00 or less
  • Bronze Medal: 70.00 or less


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese セイドンに ご用心!
Seidon ni goyōjin!
Beware the Flipruses!
Chinese (Simplified) 小心海象!
Xiǎoxīn Hǎixiàng!
Watch Out for the Walruses!
Chinese (Traditional) 注意海象!
Zhùyì Hǎixiàng!
Beware the Walruses!
French Gare à Morsinet ![1] Beware of Fliprus!
Italian Passaggio dei Tricherini Flipruses passage
Korean 물멍이 조심!
Mulmeongi Josim!
Beware the Flipruses!
Spanish (NOA) Cruce de Morsis Fliprus Crossing
Spanish (NOE) ¡Las Morsik pasan la bola! The Flipruses Pass the Ball!


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