Cloudy with a Chance of Fire

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“Use Boost Blocks to collect as many coins as possible.”
In-game description
Screenshot of Mario in Cloudy with a Chance of Fire, a Boost Mode Challenge Mode in New Super Mario Bros. U.
Mario in Cloudy with a Chance of Fire

Cloudy with a Chance of Fire is a Boost Mode Challenge in New Super Mario Bros. U. It is a harder version of Coins in the Forecast.


In this challenge, the player who controls the Wii U GamePad must create Boost Blocks for the player controlling the character. The latter must use the Boost Blocks as platforms to collect coins that descend on parachutes. While collecting coins, the player must dodge volcanic debris. If the player is hit by Volcanic Debris or falls into the pit and does not have 10 coins by then, the challenge is failed.




  • Gold Medal: 30 coins
  • Silver Medal: 20 coins
  • Bronze Medal: 10 coins

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 今日の天気は コイン時々クッパの炎!
Kyō no Tenki wa Koin Tokidoki Kuppa no Honō!
Today's weather is Coin but sometimes with Bowser's Flames!
Italian Nuvolo con precipitazioni focose Cloud with fiery rainfall
Spanish Nubosidad variable y llama moderada Occasional Clouds and Moderate Flames