Nonstop Flight

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Nonstop Flight
Flying Squirrel Mario glides in Nonstop Flight
“Use your Flying Squirrel powers to reach the goal without touching the ground.”
In-game description

Nonstop Flight is a Challenge in the Special group from New Super Mario Bros. U.


Nonstop Flight is an original course, presumably set in Sparkling Waters. Here, Flying Squirrel Mario must stomp on Huckit Crabs and on their pebbles, so he can make his way to the Goal Pole. Along the way, the player must also deal with some Stone Spikes' boulders. The challenge fails if the player touches the ground, or if the player loses their Flying Squirrel ability. 100 seconds are given to reach the goal.




  • Gold Medal: Clear!
  • Silver Medal: -
  • Bronze Medal: -


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese みずべの谷の ムササビ飛行
Mizube no tani no musasabi hikō
Waterside Valley's Flying Squirrel Flight

Chinese (simplified) 水畔峡谷中的飞鼠飞行
Shuǐpàn Xiágǔ Zhōng dè Fēishǔ Fēixíng
Flying Squirrel Flight in the Waterside Valley

Chinese (traditional) 水畔谷的飛鼠飛行
Shuǐpàn Gǔ dè Fēishǔ Fēixíng
Waterside Valley's Flying Squirrel Flight

Italian Planata senza soste
Gliding without stopping
Korean 물가 계곡의 날다람쥐 비행
Mulga Gyegogui Naldaramjwi Bihaeng
Flying Squirrel Flight Of Waterside Valley

Spanish Vuelos ardillescos
Squirrel flights