Balancing Act (challenge)

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Small Mario and the Wobble Rock in Balancing Act
“Jump on the Wobble Rock to keep your balance for 15.00 or longer.”
In-game description

Balancing Act is a Special Challenge featured in New Super Mario Bros. U.


Balancing Act is an original level, and is likely located in Rock-Candy Mines. In order to win a medal in this simple challenge, Small Mario must keep the Wobble Rock balanced for as long as he can. The game ends after 100 seconds.




  • Gold Medal: 60.00 or longer
  • Silver Medal: 40.00 or longer
  • Bronze Medal: 15.00 or longer

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グラグラ岩の上にも3年!
Guragura Iwa no Ue nimo 3(San)nen!
Endurance Work on the Wobbling Rock!
Chinese (Simplified) 晃晃荡荡岩石上的平衡功夫!
Huànghuàngdàngdàng Yánshí Shàng dè Pínghéng Gōngfū!
Endurance Work on the Wobbling Rock!
Chinese (Traditional) 在晃晃盪盪岩石上堅持下去!
Zài Huànghuàngdàngdàng Yánshí Shàng Jiānchí Xiàqù!
Preserve on the Wobbling Rock!
Korean 흔들흔들바위 마스터
Heundeul Heundeul Bawi Maseuteo
Wobble Rock Master
Spanish (NOE) ¡En la cuerda floja! Walking on a Tightrope!