Waddlewing Wipeout

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“Defeat every Waddlewing, and collect at least 40 coins.
*Challenge ends if you touch the ground before defeating all Waddlewings.
In-game description
Mario in Waddlewing Wipeout

Waddlewing Wipeout is a Coin Collection Challenge featured in New Super Mario Bros. U.


The player starts on a pink platform. Once the player jumps off the platform, it disappears. While the player is flying downwards, they must jump on all 10 Waddlewings in their Flying Squirrel Form, and collect at least 40 coins to earn a medal in the challenge. If the player misses a Waddlewing on the way, they automatically fail the challenge.




  • Gold Medal: 67 coins
  • Silver Medal: 60 coins
  • Bronze Medal: 40 coins


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ズングリたいじとコイン集め
Zunguri Taiji to Koin Atsume
Waddlewing Exorcism and Coin Collecting
Korean 뚱날다람쥐 퇴치와 코인 모으기
Ttungnaldaramjwi Toechiwa Koin Moeugi
Waddlewing Eradication And Coin Collecting