Bullet Bill 1-Up Bounce

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“Jump on enemies without touching the ground to earn 1-Ups.”
In-game description
Luigi in Bullet Bill 1-Up Bounce

Bullet Bill 1-Up Bounce is a 1-Up Rally Challenge in New Super Mario Bros. U. The setting of the course is based on a section of the Frosted Glacier level, Scaling the Mountainside.


The player has 100 seconds to collect as many 1-Ups as possible. The Bill Blasters will shoot out Bullet Bills at different times for the player to start jumping on. The player must jump on the Bullet Bills consecutively without touching the ground to get 1-Ups, or the combo ends.




  • Gold Medal: 60-Up
  • Silver Medal: 20-Up
  • Bronze Medal: 1-Up


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キラーの上で1UPダンス
Kirā no ue de 1UP dansu
1UP Dance on the Bullet Bills
Korean 킬러 위에서 1UP 댄스
Killeo Wieseo 1UP Daenseu
1UP Dance On Bullet Bill