Three Dry Bones

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“Jump on enemies without touching the ground to earn 1-Ups!”
In-game description
Mario in Three Dry Bones

Three Dry Bones is a 1-Up Rally Challenge in New Super Mario Bros. U. This challenge takes place inside of a castle.


Hence the title, the player has 100 seconds to collect as many 1-Ups as possible. In order to get the 1-Ups, the player needs to jump on the Dry Bones in a continuous order without touching the ground. By doing this, points will be generated and then 1-Ups. Because Dry Bones take some time to "regenerate" after being jumped on, the player can Wall Jump until they do.




  • Gold Medal: 30-Up
  • Silver Medal: 15-Up
  • Bronze Medal: 1-Up


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カベにおい込まれた3びきのカロン!
Kabe ni Oikomareta 3 Biki no Karon!
3 Dry Bones crowded in the Wall!
Korean 궁지에 몰린 와르르 3마리!
Gungjie Mollin Wareureu 3(Se)mari!
Cornered Dry Bones Three!