Castle Coin Bypass

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“Reach the goal, collecting as few coins as possible.
*Challenge ends if you collect six or more coins.
In-game description
Castle Coin Bypass

Castle Coin Bypass is a Coin Collection Challenge featured in New Super Mario Bros. U.


The course takes place in Lemmy's Swingback Castle, the player begins in small form and must reach the goal ring at the end of the room without touching more than five coins. The game instantly ends if six coins are collected.




  • Gold Medal: Zero coins
  • Silver Medal: Two coins
  • Bronze Medal: Five coins


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おしろのコインにご注意!
Oshiro no koin ni gochūi!
Beware the Castle's Coins!

Chinese (simplified) 注意城堡中的金币!
Zhùyì Chéngbǎo Zhōng dè Jīnbì!
Beware the Coins in the Castle!

Chinese (traditional) 注意城堡裡的金幣!
Zhùyì Chéngbǎo Lǐ dè Jīnbì!
Beware the Coins in the Castle!

French Les pièces maudites du château
The Castle's Cursed Coins
German Vorsicht vor den Festungsmünzen!
Beware of the Fortress Coins!
Italian Alla larga dalle monete del castello
Stay away from castle coins
Korean 성에 놓인 코인에 주의!
Seonge Noin Koine Juui!
Beware The Coin Placed In Castle!

Portuguese Sem Moedas no Castelo
No Coins in the Castle
Spanish (NOA) ¡No toques las monedas del castillo!
Don't Touch the Coins in the Catle!
Spanish (NOE) ¡Las monedas del Castillo no son tuyas!
The Castle's Coins Aren't Yours!