Marathon Glide

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Flying Squirrel Mario in Marathon Glide
“Use your Flying Squirrel powers to reach the goal without touching solid ground.”
In-game description

Marathon Glide is a Special challenge in the Challenge Mode of New Super Mario Bros. U.


Flying Squirrel Mario is required to complete the course, Jungle of the Giants. However, as an added twist, the player cannot touch the ground or lose their Flying Squirrel ability; otherwise, the challenge results in a failure. Although the challenge is given two-stars, it can be rather difficult, due to the placement of some of the enemies.




  • Gold Medal: Clear!
  • Silver Medal: -
  • Bronze Medal: -


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese きょだい生物の ドキドキ橋わたし
Kyodai seibutsu no dokidoki hashi watashi
Giant Creatures' Thrilling Bridge Crossing

Chinese (simplified) 巨大生物!心跳过桥!
Jùdà Shēngwù! Xīntiào Guòqiáo!
Giant Creatures! Thrilling Bridge Crossing!

Chinese (traditional) 巨大生物!小心過橋!
Jùdà Shēngwù! Xiǎoxīn Guòqiáo!
Giant Creatures! Cross the Bridge Carefully!

Italian Maratona in planata
Glidin marathon
Korean 두근두근 거대 생물 건너기
Dugeundugeun Geodae Saengmul Geonneogi
Heart-Pounding Crossing The Giant Creature

Russian Полет-марафон
Fly Marathon

Spanish Maratón de planeo
Gliding Marathon