Perilous Coin Dodge

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“Reach the goal ring, collecting as few coins as possible.”
In-game description
Mario in Perilous Coin Dodge

Perilous Coin Dodge is a Coin Collection Challenge in New Super Mario Bros. U.


Perilous Coin Dodge takes place in a setting resembling a course in Meringue Clouds. As opposed to other Coin Collection levels, Perilous Coin Dodge requires the player to avoid collecting coins. The player must dodge Bullet Bills and navigate platforms to reach the goal ring at the end. If six coins are collected, the challenge automatically ends.




  • Gold Medal: No coins
  • Silver Medal: Two coins
  • Bronze Medal: Five coins


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キラーとリフトでコインをさけて!?
Kirā to rifuto de koin o sakete!?
Avoid the Coins with Bullet Bills and Lifts!?
Korean 킬러와 리프트로 코인을 피해라!
Killeowa Ripeuteuro Koineul Pihaera!
Avoid Coin With Bullet Bill and Lift!