Cashless Castle Crawl

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“Reach the goal ring without dashing or collecting coins.
*Challenge ends if you collect six or more coins.
In-game description
Mario in Cashless Castle Crawl

Cashless Castle Crawl is a Special Challenge in New Super Mario Bros. U. The setting of the course is based on the Superstar Road level, Pendulum Castle. It is a harder version of Castle Crawl.


Cashless Castle Crawl is very similar to the Castle Crawl challenge, as the player must avoid Spinners and Bony Beetles without being able to dash to complete the challenge. Since Cashless Castle Crawl is based in the same castle as Castle Crawl, multiple Donut Blocks are present for the player to walk on. What makes Cashless Castle Crawl different from Castle Crawl is that the player needs to collect as few coins as possible. The challenge immediately ends if the player collects six or more coins.




  • Gold Medal: Zero coins
  • Silver Medal: Two coins
  • Bronze Medal: Five coins

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コインもダメ!ダッシュげん禁のおしろ!
Koin mo Dame! Dasshu Genkin no Oshiro!
Coin is also prohibited! No-Dashing Castle!
Korean 코인도 안 되는 대시 금지의 성!
Koindo An Doeneun Daesi Geumjiui Seong!
Dash-Banned Castle Which Coin Is Also Banned!