Hot-Air Yoshi Ride

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“Collect all the coins in 50.00 or less.”
Challenge description
Hot-Air Yoshi Ride in New Super Mario Bros. U
Mario using Balloon Baby Yoshi to collect coins.

Hot-Air Yoshi Ride is a Coin Collection Challenge in New Super Mario Bros. U.


Hot-Air Yoshi Ride takes place in a setting which resembles the fourth level of Acorn Plains. The player must use Balloon Baby Yoshi to float up and collect coins from a large group above the mushroom platforms. There are 160 coins. All the coins must be collected in fifty (50) seconds or less to pass the challenge. If the player doesn't collect all the coins within the time limit or if the player throws the Baby Yoshi into a pit, the challenge ends in failure.




  • Gold Medal: 30.00 or less
  • Silver Medal: 38.00 or less
  • Bronze Medal: 50.00 or less

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ふうせんフワフワ 空中さんぽ
Fūsen fuwafuwa kuchū sanpo
Lightly Floaty Balloon, Aerial Stroll
Chinese 气球飘呀飘!空中散步! (Simplified)
氣球飄呀飄!空中散步! (Traditional)
Qìqiú Piāoyapiāo! Kōngzhōng Sànbù!
Balloon Floats and Floats! Aerial Stroll!
Italian Palloncino acchiappamonete Money catcher balloon
Korean 둥실둥실 풍선을 타고 공중 산책
Dungsildungsil Pungseoneul Tago Gongjung Sanchaek
Aerial Stroll With Riding Floating Balloon
Russian Верхом на Йоши
Verhom na Yoshi
Astride a Yoshi
Spanish ¡Colecta en globo! Balloon Collection!