Wobble and Rock

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“Stay on the Wobble Rock as long as possible without jumping.”
In-game description
Screenshot of Mario in Wobble and Rock, a Special Challenge Mode in New Super Mario Bros. U.
Mario in Wobble and Rock

Wobble and Rock is a Special Challenge in New Super Mario Bros. U. The course takes place in front of Peach's Castle, resembling The Final Battle from Peach's Castle. It is a harder version of Balancing Act.


The player must balance and stay on the Wobble Rock, which tilts and turns depending on where they are standing, for as long as possible without jumping. The player must stay on for at least ten seconds without falling into the pit to pass the level.




  • Gold Medal: 30.00 or longer
  • Silver Medal: 20.00 or longer
  • Bronze Medal: 10.00 or longer

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グラグラ岩の上にも3年!ジャンプはダメよ
Guragura Iwa no Ue nimo 3(San)nen! Janpu wa Dame yo
Endurance Work on the Wobbling Rock! Jump is a No-no
Chinese (Simplified) 晃晃荡荡岩石上的平衡功夫!不许跳跃!
Huànghuàngdàngdàng Yánshí Shàng dè Pínghéng Gōngfū! Bùxǔ Tiàoyuè!
Endurance Work on the Wobbling Rock! No Jumping!
Chinese (Traditional) 在晃晃盪盪岩石上堅持下去!不可跳躍!
Zài Huànghuàngdàngdàng Yánshí Shàng Jiānchí Xiàqù! Bùkě Tiàoyuè!
Preserve on the Wobbling Rock! No Jumping!
Italian Twist sulla roccia Twist on the rock
Korean 흔들흔들바위 마스터! 점프는 금지
Heundeul Heundeul Bawi Maseuteo! Jeompeuneun Geumji
Wobble Rock Master! Jump Is Banned
Spanish (NOA) Desequilibrado Unbalanced
Spanish (NOE) Tambaleo extremo Extreme Wobbling