Airship 1-Up Rally

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“Jump on enemies without touching the ground to earn 1-Ups.”
In-game description
Mario in Airship 1-Up Rally

Airship 1-UP Rally is a 1-Up Rally Challenge in New Super Mario Bros. U. The setting of the course is based on a section of the Soda Jungle level, The Mighty Cannonship.


The player has 40 seconds to collect as many 1-Ups as possible. As the screen sidescrolls (as Airship levels do in the normal game), the player must jump on the Mechakoopas or cannons as they shoot out cannonballs. By jumping on the objects continuously, the player will eventually generate 1-Ups.




  • Gold Medal: 20-Up
  • Silver Medal: 15-Up
  • Bronze Medal: 10-Up

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 飛行船のれんぞく1UP
Hikōsen no renzoku 1UP
Continuous 1UP of the Airship
Korean 비행선의 연속 1UP
Bihaengseonui Yeonsok 1UP
Continous 1UP Of Airship