Stoneslide Tower Climb

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“Reach the goal ring in 90.00 or less.”
Challenge description
Stoneslide Tower Climb in New Super Mario Bros. U
Mario in Stoneslide Tower Climb

Stoneslide Tower Climb is a Time Attack Challenge in New Super Mario Bros. U.


As the name implies, Stoneslide Tower Climb takes place in Stoneslide Tower from the Layer-Cake Desert world. The player must go through Stoneslide Tower as fast as possible, while avoiding Spike Tops and Dry Bones along the way. The challenge must be completed in under one and a half minutes (90 seconds) to earn a medal.




  • Gold Medal: 60.00 or less
  • Silver Medal: 70.00 or less
  • Bronze Medal: 90.00 or less


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ふしぎな石のとりでを かけ上がれ!
Fushigi na ishi no toride o kake agare!
Rush up the Mysterious Stone Fortress!
Chinese (Simplified) 爬上神奇的石堡垒!
Páshàng Shénqí dè Shí Bǎolěi!
Climb up the Magical Stone Fortress!
Chinese (Traditional) 爬上不可思議的石堡壘!
Páshàng Bùkěsīyì dè Shí Bǎolěi!
Climb up the Mysterious Stone Fortress!
Italian Salita sulle pietre mobili Climbing on the moving stones
Korean 신비한 돌의 요새를 올라라!
Sinbihan Dorui Yosaereul Ollara!
Climb up the Mysterious Stone Fortress!
Spanish ¡Escalada en la Torre Articulada! Climb at the Stoneslide Tower!