Bubble Up

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Mario in Bubble Up

Bubble Up is a challenge in New Super Mario Bros. U which can be accessed via Challenge Mode.


“Use Baby Yoshi's bubbles to reach the goal ring.”
Objective summary

The course is specifically made for this challenge. It takes place in Sparkling Waters, and the only enemies are Paratroopas. The player must use the physics of Mini Mario and Bubble Baby Yoshi's bubbles to reach the top of the course and touch the goal ring. An easier way to complete this challenge is to wall-jump up. However, the player must use Bubble Baby Yoshi for a small amount of time. If the player cannot reach the goal ring within the time limit, they fail the challenge.





  • Gold Medal: Clear!
  • Silver Medal: -
  • Bronze Medal: -

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アワの世界の空中さんぽ
Awa no sekai no kūchū sanpo
Aerial Stroll of the Bubble World

Chinese (simplified) 在泡泡的世界中进行空中散步
Zài Pàopao dè Shìjiè Jìnxíng Kōngzhōng Sànbù
Do the Aerial Stroll in the Bubble World

Chinese (traditional) 泡泡世界的空中散步
Pàopao Shìjiè dè Kōngzhōng Sànbù
Aerial Stroll of the Bubble World

Italian Le belle bollicine
Beautiful bubbles
Korean 거품 세계의 공중 산책
Geopum Segyeui Gongjung Sanchaek
Aerial Stroll Of Bubble World

Spanish ¡Burbujeante!