Ghost House Coin Curse

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“Collect as many coins as you can.
*Challenge ends when there are no coins left.
In-game description
Ghost House Coin Curse in New Super Mario Bros. U
Mario in Ghost House Coin Curse

Ghost House Coin Curse is a Coin Collection Challenge in New Super Mario Bros. U. The setting of the course is based on a section of the Frosted Glacier level, Swaying Ghost House.


The player starts by hitting the P Switch. Once it is hit, the player collects the top row of coins. The player then Ground Pounds, and collects the bottom row of coins. After the P Switch's effect ends, the player can collect the middle row of coins. There are exactly 156 coins in this course, though only 150 coins are needed to get a Gold Medal.




  • Gold Medal: 150 coins
  • Silver Medal: 145 coins
  • Bronze Medal: 135 coins

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese どう取る!? オバケやしきのコイン集め
Dō toru!? Obake yashiki no koin atsume
How to Grab it!? Coin Collection of the Ghost House
Chinese (Simplified) 该如何获取!?幽灵屋里的金币收集!
Gāi Rúhé Huòqǔ!? Yōulíngwū Lǐ dè Jīnbì Shōují!
How should I obtain it!? Coin Collection in the Ghost House!
Chinese (Traditional) 怎樣獲取!?幽靈屋裡的金幣收集!
Zěnyàng Huòqǔ!? Yōulíngwū Lǐ dè Jīnbì Shōují!
How to obtain it!? Coin Collection in the Ghost House!
Italian Accidenti alle monete dei fantasmi Damn the ghosts coins
Korean 어떻게 얻지!? 유령의 집에서 코인 모으기
Eotteoke Eotji!? Yuryeongui Jibeseo Koin Moeugi
How To Get Those!? Coin Collecting In Ghost House
Russian Монетки в доме с Привидениями
Monetki v dome s Privideniyami
Coins in the Ghost House
Spanish El caso de las monedas fantasma Case of the Ghost Coins