Goomba Bounce Bash

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Goomba Bounce Bash
The Goomba Bounce Bash challenge
“Jump on enemies without touching the ground to earn 1-Ups.”
In-game description

Goomba Bounce Bash is one of the 1-Up Rally Challenges in New Super Mario Bros. U. The course is original, and possibly located in Meringue Clouds.


The challenge consists of two Warp Pipes releasing infinite Goombas onto two Bouncy Clouds. In order to win the challenge, Flying Squirrel Mario has to stomp on the bouncing Goombas to collect 1-Ups. If the player loses their Flying Squirrel ability, it will be difficult to stomp on the Goombas. The game lasts for 100 seconds.




  • Gold Medal: 40-Up
  • Silver Medal: 20-Up
  • Bronze Medal: 1-Up


  • Goombas: 2 (Infinitely spawned from Pipes)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリボー ぴょんぴょん!
Kuribō Pyonpyon!
Goomba Boing-boing!

Chinese (simplified) 栗宝宝!跳跃、跳跃!
Lì Bǎobao! Tiàoyuè, Tiàoyuè!
Goomba! Jump, Jump!

Chinese (traditional) 栗寶寶!跳、跳!
Lì Bǎobao! Tiào, Tiào!
Goomba! Jump, Jump!

French Branle-bas de Goomba
Italian Rimbalzi folli sui Goomba
Crazy rebounds on the Goombas
Korean 굼바와 함께 뿅뿅!
Gumbawa Hamkke Ppyongppyong!
Bouncing Together With Goomba!

Portuguese Aos Saltos Sobre os Goombas
Bouncing on the Goombas
Spanish ¡Saltando a la Goomba!
Goomba Jumping (pun on saltando a la comba, meaning "jumping rope")