Spine Coaster Coin Cruise

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“Collect as many coins as you can, and reach the goal.”
In-game description
Spine Coaster Coin Cruise

Spine Coaster Coin Cruise is one of the Coin Collection Challenges found in New Super Mario Bros. U. In this challenge, the player returns to Spine-Tingling Spine Coaster.


The player must collect as many Coins as possible and reach the Goal Pole in order to win. A Red Ring and a Fire Flower can help them to complete the task. Some Super Stars can also be collected.

In order to get a Gold Medal, every Coin in the level must be collected. This includes Red Coins and a ? Block that only gives a Coin if the player is not under the influence of a Super Star (found in an earlier ? Block).




  • Gold Medal: 140 coins
  • Silver Medal: 130 coins
  • Bronze Medal: 120 coins


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さっそうと ほねコースター
Sassōto Hone Kōsutā
Speeding Bone Coaster

Chinese 飞驰的白骨过山车 (Simplified)
飛馳的白骨過山車 (Traditional)
Fēichí dè Báigǔ Guòshānchē
Speeding White-Bone Rollercoaster

French Cueillette en serpentos
Collecting on Spine Coasters
German Kreuzfahrt auf der Knochenbahn
Cruise on the Spine Coaster
Italian A monete sul Carrosso
At coins on the Spine Coaster
Korean 달려라, 뼈다귀코스터
Dallyeora, Ppyeodagwikoseuteo
Go, Spine Coaster

Portuguese Moedas no Trólei Vertebrado
Coins on the Spine Coaster
Spanish (NOA) Safari de monedas en huesocarril
Coin Safari on the Spine Coaster
Spanish (NOE) Safari de monedas en osteotrén
Coin Safari on the Spine Coaster