Coins in the Forecast

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“Use Boost Blocks to collect as many Coins as you can.”
In-game description
Screenshot of Mario in Coins In The Forecast, a Boost Mode Challenge Mode level in New Super Mario Bros. U.
Mario in Coins in The Forecast

Coins in the Forecast is a Boost Mode Challenge in New Super Mario Bros. U.


As in all Boost Mode challenges, one player controls the character on the television screen while the other player uses the Wii U GamePad to place Boost Blocks that will help the character. In the challenge, the player must use one platform that is provided, as well as Boost Blocks, to jump up and collect Coins that fall from the sky attached to parachutes. At least ten must be collected in under 100 seconds to pass this challenge.




  • Gold Medal: 30 coins
  • Silver Medal: 20 coins
  • Bronze Medal: 10 coins

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 今日の天気は コイン日和!?
Kyō no Tenki wa Koin Hiyori!?
Today's Weather is Coin Day!?
Italian Piovono monete It's raining coins
Spanish (NOA) Prognosis: ¡monedas! Forecast: coins!
Spanish (NOE) Lluvia de monedas Coin Rain