Graceful Glide

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Flying Squirrel Mario stomps on a Goombrat in Graceful Glide
“Earn 1-Ups and reach the goal without touching the ground in Flying Squirrel form.”
In-game description

Graceful Glide is a Special Challenge from New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.


This challenge is an original level, resembling levels from Acorn Plains. Flying Squirrel Mario must jump on Goombrats in order to get 1-Ups and avoid touching the ground. Munchers are present in some areas as well. Just before the Goal Pole, there is a long gap and a red Paratroopa. 100 seconds are given to the player to complete this level. If the player touches the ground or lose the flying squirrel power-up, the challenge will end in failure.




  • Gold Medal: 5-Up
  • Silver Medal: 1-Up
  • Bronze Medal: 0-Up


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ムササビつかって、ゆうがに おさんぽ
Musasabi Tsukatte, Yūga ni Osanpo
Using Flying Squirrel, Strolling Gracefully
Korean 날다람쥐로 우아한 산책
Naldaramjwiro Uahan Sanchaek
Graceful Stroll With Flying Squirrel
Chinese 变成飞鼠,优雅地散步! (Simplified)
變成飛鼠,優雅地散步! (Traditional)
Biànchéng Fēishǔ, Yōuyǎ de Sànbù!
Become a Flying Squirrel, Stroll Gracefully!